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My New Tom Ford Eyeglasses

 vision direct
Call it years of being glued to computer and phone screens or the inevitable consequence of never listening to my mom when she told me to read in better lighting (when I tried to sneak books into every social situation growing up)…but it’s true: I need eyeglasses. I’ll be completely honest, if there were ever a malady I would willingly take on because it comes with welcome style opportunities, it’s this one. 
vision direct
I’ve been coordinating with the incredible and endlessly patient team at Vision Direct for the past several weeks to find the perfect fit. Even with all my gentle demands – from designer (I’m focusing on American designs for the blog) and the right color (I don’t wear black) – they held my hand every moment of the way. Picking out eyeglasses is such an intimate decision as they will be the showcased accessory daily. Luckily, I think I found my pair from one of my favorite American designers, Tom Ford.  
vision direct
Formerly creative director to Gucci and YSL, Tom Ford launched his iconic American label with a certain customer in mind: international, cultured, well-traveled, strong and in command of their own style. For me this vision resonates with what the American woman is to the world – passionately curious and fiercely true to herself, her dreams and the way she carries herself through every leg of life. This espresso brown cat eye pair with metal accent is enough of a statement without it taking away from any seasonal look. On the stylistic side, I trust that if I dress down casual-cozy on a weekend, the exquisite design would be enough to keep my style elevated. 
Can’t wait to break these in during my morning writing hours in SoHo cafes, writing my new novel or as I jump into my big spring/summer reading list (coming your way soon)…I’m feeling overwhelmingly grateful for this journey I’m on and am thankful to work with incredible brands like this all over the world. Thank you, Vision Direct, for continuing to be one of my go-to eyewear providers and always embracing my evolving style.
This post is sponsored by the lovely team at Vision Direct Australia –


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    Samantha Lee
    April 5, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    The glasses are so cute, but can we also talk about how good your hair looks?! Your top is really beautiful too. <3


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