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48 Hours in Rome: Day Two Itinerary

48 hours rome

The bella avventura in enchanting Rome continues (check out Day One of my Rome travel guide if you missed it). 

Deciding which things to do in Rome can be an overwhelming decision, but take deep breath know that hustling in Rome is the best hustle! As I already mentioned in part one, always aim to do the big tourist attractions in the early morning (this way you avoid long times and big crowds, an instant leisure killer). Regardless of season, Rome is one of those cities buzzing with tourists year-round.

Rome is also a place to feed your imagination. Whenever I visit a place, I feel stories. I see stories. I imagine the history that took place….and Rome is a playground for the fantasy. 

With a touch of careful planning and good walking shoes (heels and cobblestones aren’t a match ), this full-day itinerary will feed your wanderlust for this entrancing eternal city. 

Things to Do in Rome

Breakfast and Cappuccino @ Campo De’ Fiori

Save Acai Bowls for home! One of Rome’s oldest markets has a superfluous amount Italy’s glorious seasonal fruit — the figs and persimmons are the best in the world, simply. I love picking up a few healthy snacks here in the morning to supercharge my day and leave space for plenty of pizza and gelato. 

Explore the Colosseum             

This was my fourth time in Rome and finally I made it to the Coloseum (and went inside rather than only gawking from the exterior). It transported me to another time… a time full of real life Russell Crowe gladiators. I was always put off by the huge swarms of people and securing my spot in line at 9AM ensured I had space to take in the grandeur of it all and thoroughly fathom the endless history that took place here – so worth the wait.

Things to do in rome

Collosseum Rome

Stroll Through the Roman Forum Ruins

Equally amazing as the Colosseum but underrated, the ruins of the Roman Forum are a marvel. Walking through these ancient ruins was so tranquil and soul compelling simultaneously. The lines for the ruins are usually shorter than the neighbouring Colosseum but just as stunning. 

Things to do in Rome

Things to do in Rome

La Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth) 

This has been on my list ever since I saw Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck do it in Roman Holiday (oh, please watch this movie before going to Rome). This is basically the ancient Romans way of a lie detector test. Visitors place their hand in the ancient marble mouth and legend has it, if you’re a liar your hand will be bitten off. 

Things to do in rome

Relax and Refresh During Rooftop Lunch

Terraces in Rome are an essential part of Al Fresco glamour. Enjoy a light lunch and an Aperol Spritz (my go-to Italian refresher) while soaking up the sights of Rome’s skyline from one of the city’s many rooftop bars and cafes. I personally love the terrace bar at Sofitel Rome

rooftop bar rome

Walk Up the Spanish Steps

Another essential part of the Roman experience. The Spanish Steps are an iconic part of Rome’s history and if you think the view from the bottom is romantic, the one from the top is awe-worthy. Don’t be lazy, go up there. 

Spanish Steps Rome

Shop (Or Admire) Italian Fashion on Via Dei Condotti

Rome’s most famous shopping street. If you’re a fashion girl, this street is a small celebration of Italian design. From Prada to Ferragamo, this street reminds you why Italians are the best when it comes to fashion (sorry, France). 

Things to do in Rome

Indulge in Gelato and Giolitti 

This is Rome’s most famous gelateria and was frequented often by Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck as they were filming Roman Holiday (I’m obviously obsessed with this movie). I had the pleasure of making gelato in the back kitchen for another travel project a few years back and it was soul-completing. 

Though famous and a must-visit, I wouldn’t say it’s Rome’s BEST gelateria — check out my other suggestions in the first part of my Rome travel guide

Things to do rome

Dare to Visit Catacombs 

The Catacombs are such an unusual but completely intriguing Roman experience. Used as the underground burial grounds for centuries, the catacombs gives visitors an idea of just how populated Rome was; they ran out of space so had to bring the dead underground. They also have several AH-maz-ing restaurants around the catacombs that serve the best wine ever, in case you need to relax a bit after the experience. The ancient wine cellars are from decor dreams. 

There are several catacomb locations but The Catacombs of Saint Sebastiano are a great start. 

Take a stroll along the Tiber River at night

Finish off your Rome trip the way you started. I’m a romantic girl even when traveling solo, so a long walk along the Tiber River with the lights of Rome glittering off the gentle current does wonders for my wanderlust soul. I’m sure it will for yours too. 

Things to do Rome

Tell me, wanderlusters, what are YOUR favorite spots in magical Rome? Share your Italian experiences in the comment section below! 



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