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Blue & White Dresses Under $100

blue and white dresses

I have a tiny shopping addiction and that’s the blue and white trend. The dress and skirt count in these resort-perfect shades is working itself into the dozens…

I’m often asked how I tailor outfits to the destinations I visit. The secret: whenever I see a dress, I see a travel story. The blue and white dresses I’m stocking my wardrobe all come with a vivid vision of my future travel plans…I see myself drinking an Aperol Spritz in Positano this summer (in this one), twirling during a long walk in Charleston, S.C (definitely in this one) or those countless upcoming weekend trips to sleepy coastal towns in New England (well…in all the rest).

I’m so beyond ready for summer. After all, summer is all about perfect moments and perfect foreign romances all while in perfect dresses, right? Nothing quite captures the essence of those adventures like a lightweight, cotton and coastal-inspired dress that captures the endless summer. 

I rounded up 20 dresses under $100 that will fit into every modern jetsetter girl’s budget this spring and summer – because let’s face it, we’ll need some budget for shoes, hats and cocktails, too:


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