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5 Dreamy Malibu Vacation Rentals

I’m always fascinated by a destination’s architecture…especially when the design is created with a reflection of the location’s culture in mind.

In California’s case, the SoCal lifestyle is like no other in the world; when you see these Malibu vacation rentals, you’ll see why.

malibu vacation rentals

Stone Manor

In addition to the lavish real estate, if you aren’t spending your AMs in Tracey Anderson’s studio at the beach catching waves or cycling canyons along the coast – you aren’t active enough. If you didn’t follow up your morning fitness session with an iced latte from Blue Bottle coffee, you aren’t hip enough. If you don’t carve out time in your day to watch the Pacific coast sunset from a terrace with “champs” in hand, you aren’t living life to the fullest. The SoCal life is an intense, unapologetic and vibrant culture of making yourself a priority and appreciating the art of excess – it’s California, and trust me: it’s fabulous.

One of the most opulent and luxurious lifestyle subcultures of California is no doubt Malibu. The neighborhood that boasts residents from Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Aniston and Tom Hanks, there is no shortage of stars in this zip code. Combine the famous faces with the fact that Malibu is one of the most stunning coastal cities in the western world and hotbed of Californian lifestyle, and you have a destination that is the summit of west coast architecture.  

Malibu Road and Oceanfront Property

When indulging in a luxury rental, I encourage renters to think beyond a regular stay or vacation pit-stop. If you’re looking to host an event (perhaps to celebrate a book release) or want a destination wedding venue that goes beyond the regular six-hour property rental and allows dreamy accommodation for guests, looking into a luxury rental that allows events (a few of the picks below do) is an excellent option for an event that transcends the regular stuffiness of tradition. It can of course be the perfect accommodation for your dream vacation, but if you want the most from your rental, it can be anything you want – Luxury Retreats is one of the first websites I head to when scoping out a special rental for a special global occasion (hint hint, our upcoming wedding).

Over the next several months, The Modern Jetsetter will be focusing on the lifestyles of Italy, NYC with a splash of the crème-de-la-crème of coastal cities within the United States and other global adventures. I’m thrilled to tour southern California in early July and couldn’t help but share a sneak peek of the rentals on my radar:

Villa Sogno

villa sogno malibu vacation rentals

What I love about the Italian culture is that it can be found in every corner of the world – Malibu, California included. For those who don’t know what sogno means, it’s the Italian word for dream. How accurately this rental is named. From the high beam wood ceiling to the diverse collection of Puglia “Trullo” white textures and fabrics, there isn’t a single corner of Villa Sogno that isn’t a celebration of modern Italian design with an undeniable western twist.

Decker Villa

Decker Villa

The Decker Villa reminds me of a Tuscan-style landscape placed on the edge of western civilization (just take a look at those Tuscan trees – anyone who has a love for Italy will recognize them immediately). From the scenic mountain sights to the breathtaking panoramic views of the Pacific ocean to the outdoor kitchen suited for a Michelin-chef to the horses and stables…this escape is perfect for family holiday or for those travelers who need an extra private Malibu escape.

Malibu Dream Escape

malibu dream house

Once you take in this view (and let’s just imagine those iconic golden-orange sunsets from this perspective for a moment), you’ll see why this gorgeous property is called the Malibu Dream Escape. From the infinity pool which cascades into the horizon of the Pacific Ocean and close proximity to Santa Monica to the Hollywood glam interior that oozes SoCal class…this is the epitome of quintessential Californian real estate.

Malibu Road and Oceanfront

malibu road ocean front

This Malibu oceanfront property is the perfect option for those who want a Malibu wedding or a getaway with friends on one of those iconic stretches of classic Malibu – it allows weddings and small events.  The panoramic wraparound deck and the mid-century bungalow interior vibes make it the perfect escape for those craving an authentic California cool experience.

Stone Manor

Confession: The Stone Manor property gives me major Big Little Lies vibes (Celeste’s house, anyone?). Though this property doesn’t come with Nicole Kidman, the views from this lavish Malibu estate are straight from California dreams. I can imagine myself sitting and writing on this spacious outdoor patio (feat. a warm cup of coffee and dolphins playing in the distance) all day long.

There are so many aspects of a destination to explore when traveling through…taking in the architecture is one not to be forgotten. Indulging in a luxury escape (whether for personal travel, family occasions or special events) should be on every jetsetter’s travel radar on day. D and I are currently on the hunt for a destination wedding venue that allows events and guest accommodation…I’ll definitely be using Luxury Retreats to help make that dream a reality.

– This post is sponsored by the amazing team Luxury Retreats


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